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    Understanding and Treating GERD Video

    The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation launched a new video series on the "Importance of Screening for Colon Cancer" which aired on CTV's Women's Health with Dr. Marla Shapiro. This video provides viewers with insights from an individual who is living with GERD as well as expert commentary from leading gastroenterologist.

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    No Need To Put Up With It

    There are some days you don't forget, no matter how long you live. For Shawn Richarz, 43, the first experience of digestive symptoms ranks as one of those indelible days. "It was shocking to me," says Richarz, a lawyer practicing in Cayuga, ON. Twenty years old at the time, Richarz remembers a "sharp burning pain rising from the middle of my chest area. It stopped me in my tracks."

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    Gastrointestinal Gas

    Gas in the gastrointestinal tract is normal. Passage of gas by belching or as flatus (gas per rectum) is normal. Gas in the digestive tract comes from two main sources - swallowed air and through the breakdown of certain undigested foods. Gas is produced by the breakdown of these foods by bacteria normally present in the large intestine. Swallowed air is a common cause of gas in the stomach. A small amount of air is swallowed with eating and drinking, particularly when eating or drinking quickly. Loose dentures, chewing gum and smoking also increase the amount of air swallowed.

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Enhancing lifelong health

The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation believes our ability to help establish, enrich and protect a healthy gut microbiota is the key to lifelong health