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    Tests are needed to determine whether you have crohn's disease and to rule out other causes of your symptoms. To diagnose IBD, the doctor will take a complete history and perform a physical examination. Blood tests are used to find out if you are anemic (low blood count) as a result of blood loss, or if there is an increased number of white blood cells in your body, suggesting an inflammatory process. 

    Stool samples can tell your doctor if there is blood loss or if an infection by a parasite or bacteria is causing some of your symptoms. 

    Endoscopy may be formed. During this safe procedure, the doctor will look inside your rectum and large bowel through a long, flexible video camera called an endoscope. Samples of the lining of the intestine (biopsies) may be taken to be looked at under the microscope. 

    X-ray examinations may also be required in some cases. This is done by putting barium (a white chalky solution) into the upper intestine (swallowing barium) or by putting the barium into the bowel by inserting a tube into the anus. 

    Proper Bowel Prep Can Save Your Life

    Too many people skip potentially life-saving procedures because of misunderstandings and misconceptions about the bowel prep. However, most people who have had colonoscopies, will tell you it isn't nearly as bad as you think and that the benefits far outweigh the risks.  Robbie, Anne and Laurie, who range in age from 11 to 80 years,  openly share their experiences with you in this video.

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    Solving the Mystery of Endoscopy

    Join Robbie and Whitney for a fun, interactive, educational game created for children undergoing endoscopy.

    Solving the Mystery of Endoscopy is a fun, interactive, on-line game created especially for children. It explains endoscopy through the use of animated characters, illustrations and games. Children choose their own "tour guide", meet friendly nurses and doctors, see an endoscopy suite and equipment, and preview in a non-threatening environment what their real-life endoscopy experience may be like. 

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