Forget What Your Mother Said...Go Ahead and Be a Potty Mouth

September 28, 2011 (Oakville, ON) – Digestive disorders are a growing healthcare concern affecting more than 20 million Canadians every year. In attempt to open up about digestive disease, the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF) and Rexall are proud to announce the launch of Gi BodyGuard, a free and innovative App (available for free download from iTunes) allowing those suffering to quickly, confidently and privately track the activities of their gastrointestinal system.

Made possible through the support of the Rexall family of pharmacies, the CDHF developed Gi BodyGuard in conjunction with leading experts in digestive health and disease. The App allows information to be easily shared with a doctor, pharmacist and other healthcare providers during an appointment or by emailing a self-generating summary in advance of an appointment. Consider it a digital diary for digestive health, and a welcomed relief. It’s often difficult to remember every symptom in a seemingly endless stream of digestive difficulties.

“We believe, in this digital age of information and social networking, that Gi BodyGuard is the perfect balance of immersive media, Smartphone accessibility and fluid information distribution,” says Dr. Richard Fedorak, President of the CDHF, and Associate VP or Research, University of Alberta. “By bringing digestive health into the new digital age, Gi BodyGuard will fundamentally change the way patients and physicians communicate, and the CDHF is doing its part in helping people take control of their digestive health while keeping them informed and educated.”

Gi BodyGuard offers built-in symptom, stool, pain, food and medication trackers, as well as a Gastrointestinal Health History form and medication and appointment reminders to help Canadians easily share what they perceive to be oh-so-embarrassing yet incredibly essential information with their healthcare professional. Gi BodyGuard takes the heartburn out of an often anxious appointment, enhancing doctor/patient communications and leading to improved quality of care and quality of life.

“The more information provided to a physician before a patient enters the office, the better armed we are to treat our patients more effectively and efficiently,” Dr. Fedorak adds.

“As a pharmacy first, Rexall’s continued commitment to the wellness of its patients and customers includes their digestive health,” says Tracey Phillips, National Director of Pharmacy Services & Marketing, Rexall. “Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is headed by expert pharmacists who provide valuable counsel surrounding symptoms, medications, treatment and relief. In-store takeaway tools, such as our Digestive Health Rexall Resource Guide, that was created with the CDHF, and online resources available at further enable Rexall to be an active and engaged partner in the journey to living better and healthier lives.”

Gi BodyGuard for iPhone and iPad is now available for free download on iTunes.




About the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation

Over 20 million Canadians suffer from digestive disorders every year.  The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation believes this is unnecessary and unacceptable. We reduce suffering and improve quality of life by empowering Canadians with trusted, up to date, science-based information about digestive health and disease.

As the leading authority on digestive health and disease in Canada, the CDHF provides trusted, unbiased information to the public through its network of experts. We are the Foundation of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology and work directly with leading physicians, scientists, and other health care professionals to help Canadians understand and take control of their digestive health with confidence and optimism. Through education and research, we strive to:

•   REDUCE the incidence and prevalence of digestive disorders

•   IMPROVE understanding of digestive health issues

•   SUPPORT those suffering from digestive disorders

•   ENHANCE quality of life for those living with digestive disorders

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