Canadian Digestive Health Foundation chosen as one of the Top Charities in Canada

When selecting their “Top Picks”, Ci considers the mission, theory of change, history of results, and management of charities from across the country.  In 2011, Ci identified the CDHF as a stand out for leadership, cost-efficiency and, most importantly, bottom-line results in getting the job done to help clients.

The report notes that performance-based giving is a radical departure from traditional giving which, for most, involves writing cheques to charities from across Canada because of emotional pitches from friends and social acquaintances. Ci believes that now, more than ever, is the time to give intelligently. This scrupulous organization believes that giving is good but that many of the charities we have been supporting are mediocre at best. Turning the tables on the charitable sector, they starting asking hard questions of charities across Canada to evaluate performance and find excellence.

“We are honoured to be selected as one of the best charities in Canada,” says Catherine Mulvale, Executive Director of the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation. “We work very hard to deliver programs that are respected, trusted and valued by health care professionals and the public and, we do this with limited human and financial resources. We are proud to be recognized for our efforts, excellence and impact.”


About the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation

Over 20 million Canadians suffer from digestive disorders every year. The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation believes this is unnecessary and unacceptable. We are the leading authority on digestive health and disease in Canada and provide trusted, unbiased information to the public through its network of experts. As the Foundation of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology, we work directly with leading physicians, scientists, and other health care professionals to help Canadians understand and take control of their digestive health with confidence and optimism.


Catherine Mulvale
Executive Director, Canadian Digestive Health Foundation

Enhancing lifelong health

The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation believes our ability to help establish, enrich and protect a healthy gut microbiota is the key to lifelong health