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    The Game of Microbes

    Leagues of superheroes live in your gut. They fight bad microorganisms and work to keep you healthy. Missing key players on your superhero team can bring about an unbalanced playing field and create an environment primed for disease. In the latest CDHF microbiome video, we learn that it’s all about diversity and balance. 

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    Pre and Probiotics

    Probiotics are live microorganisms that you ingest to increase the diversity of your microbiome. They can help keep you strong, healthy. Prebiotics are food for probiotics.  This video will teach you the benefits of pre and probiotics, explain how to select, ingest and store them, and help you understand what you need to be aware of when purchasing these non-regulated ingestibles.

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    Your Microbiome Impacts Your Overall Health

    Scientists are learning more and more about the microbiome every day. Soon we believe we will know how your microbiome can help PREDICT potential disease, PROTECT you from developing disease; and, even be PRESCRIBED to treat disease so you recover more quickly from illness. 

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    Introducing The Human Gut Microbiome

    Your body plays host to trillions of microscopic visitors that make up your unique microbiome fingerprint. A troup of bacterial superheroes living in your gut works very hard to help keep you healthy, strong and resilient. Watch the first segment of our 4-part  series on the human gut microbiome and learn more about the superheros that live within you. 

    CDHF would like to express its congratulations to Dr. Maria Cino and the future leaders in gastroenterology who were on the winning team of the 2014 CDHF RISE from the Snake Pit Challenge. This group collaborated to create a social media piece on "The Importance of Understanding the Microbiome" and included: Ali Alali, Siwar Alashir, Mona Alasmi, Raed Al-Dabbagh, Rowena Almeida, Majid Alsahafi, Mher Barbarian, Barbara Bielawska, Callum Dargavel, Alexandra Frolkis, Ravjeer Hundal, Mindy Lam, Josie Libertucci, Quais Mujawar, Yasmin Nasser, Erin Rayner-Hartley, Yousef Reda, Amy Sharaf, Tushar Shukla, Sundeep Singh, Patrick Thornley, Deenaz Zaidi. 

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    Through the Ages

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    Discover the World Within

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Enhancing lifelong health

The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation believes our ability to help establish, enrich and protect a healthy gut microbiota is the key to lifelong health