About CDHF

We are the trusted resource on digestive health. Because we are the Foundation of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology, we are directly connected to Canada's leading digestive health experts, physicians, scientists and other health care professionals. You can trust us to provide you with practical, science-based information that is up to date and unbiased.


To reduce suffering and improve quality of life by providing trusted, accessible, and accurate information about digestive health and disease.


To empower all Canadians to manage their digestive health with confidence and optimism.

CDHF’s Association

The Canadian Association of Gastroenterology is CDHF’s association. Over 1100 members including gastroenterologists, surgeons, pediatricians, basic scientists and nurses comprise the Association. The CAG provides professional gastroenterological education and funding opportunities for gastrointestinal health and disease research, and more recently, has advocated for improved timeliness and quality of digestive health care for Canadians. Learn more here.

CDHF Certified and its Symbol of Distinction

CDHF Certified was created to help the public and health care professionals make informed choices. The CDHF Certified Symbol of Distinction as a reassurance that products bearing the symbol can be trusted to have met a standard of safety and efficacy.

CDHF Certified is an objective program supported by research. It is not influenced by brands nor manufactures. The seal confers a level of benefit to the digestive health of consumers.

For every product bearing the CDHF Certified Symbol of Distinction, the CDHF conducts an independent, peer-reviewed, assessment of the body of evidence associated with the constituent of a specific product which claims to elicit a specific outcome. Scientific evidence gathered from independent sources is reviewed by the CDHF and external experts. This evidence must emanate from authoritative scientific or regulatory bodies and consistently support the claims of the ingredient, the product, its packaging, labelling and all related advertising in order for the product to be deemed acceptable by the CDHF Certified program to bear the CDHF Certified Symbol of Distinction. Only constituents of a specific product that have been approved through the CDHF Certified Program have exclusive permission to use the CDHF Certified Symbol of Distinction designation on their packaging and advertising.

Please note: The CDHF Certified Symbol of Distinction is not a substitute for a physician’s advice, diagnosis or treatment of a new or pre-existing condition.