From the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF), comes a new way to track and manage your digestive health.

CDHF’s app is a smart and simple digital tracker to help you manage and record trends in your digestive health to share with your doctor.

No more messy journals, trying to remember alarm symptoms you may have had or the different medications you’re on. With CDHF’s digestive health tracker you can keep all of your health insights in your back pocket at all times.

Designed to improve communication with your doctor, as well as educate YOU using science based insights based on your specific digestive health needs, CDHF’s digestive health tracker includes features such as:

Health Tracker:

  • Record your daily mood to see if there is any correlation between mood and symptoms
  • Track your stool type, frequency and presence of blood in stool
  • Track your symptoms using pictographs developed by digestive health experts at McMaster University
  • Track your medications (both prescription and OTC)
  • Record your weight daily to see monthly weight trends
  • Take notes daily on how your feeling and easily record any important information you want to remember to tell your doctor.
  • Easily refer back to any day in the past to review logged health information

Charts & Graphs:

  • As you continue to log your days, CDHF’s app amalgamates the data into colourful, shareable reports
  • Use CDHF app’s easy to understand charts and graphs to improve discussions with your doctor about your digestive health
  • Get shareable weekly charts that show mood, weight, stool and symptom trends

Scientific Information:

  • Enjoy case specific insights that are delivered based on your diagnosis, symptoms, and lifestyle choices
  • Find valuable insights that are specific to you and your digestive health interests
  • CDHF’s alarm symptom notifications will let you know when you have logged an alarm symptom and help you plan next steps

With CDHF’s digestive health tracker app, you take the guess work out of managing your digestive health. Download and get started!