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We'd like to thank our partners for supporting for our mission to provide the most trusted, reliable digestive health content to all Canadians.

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Become a CDHF Corporate Partner

Digestive disorders touch the lives of millions of Canadians every year

Our Programs Include:

Partner Benefits Include:

Access to an Engaged Audience in the Digestive health and Disease Space

Brand exposure to those with digestive conditions, or those looking to live healthier lives. Our website garners 150,000+ users a month, and with a 3:09 minute average session duration – they are engaged, and looking to CDHF to understand complex concepts easier. 


In the marketplace as a partner & association with evidence-based recommendations and information concerning digestive health and disease. 

Our Impact Testimonials: 

The below are testimonials of how our work is empowering Canadians to manage their digestive health with confidence and optimism. 

In a world where consumers are presented with a multitude of conflicting messages about how to best manage their digestive health, CDHF is the credible authoritative, trusted voice to guide consumers through their self-discovery and journey. A partner to make sense of the information, from the food they eat, to the lifestyle they lead, to the medications they take, and beyond. We are a group of people, for people who talk about digestive health in an authentic, “refreshingly real” way while still remaining professional, and ensuring our resources are always written or reviewed by a healthcare professional.