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Spice up your Low FODMAP Diet!


Written by: CDHF

Updated: November 8th, 2022

No Onion or Garlic? No Problem!

People who begin their low FODMAP journey are usually hit with quite a bit of a shock when they realize that some of their favourite cooking ingredients are suddenly off the table (literally!) Well, we’ve partnered with Fody Foods to assure you that there are some pretty crafty work arounds for making sure your dishes are still packed with flavour!

Fody is a brand CDHF believes in, as both our organizations share the understanding that success begins with your gut. That’s why Fody has dedicated their brand to creating a world of delicious, gut friendly, low FODMAP foods so we can all smile inside and out. Fody is proud to be the leading low FODMAP food company helping IBS sufferers eat life to the fullest. Check out their entire range of snacks, sauces, seasonings, and more at https://www.fodyfoods.com!

If you’re struggling to stick to your low FODMAP diet because you’re finding it difficult to find low FODMAP options for things like salad dressingsketchupBBQ saucesnacks, and more, check out their website!

Now, let’s learn how to keep our Low FODMAP diet tasty!

Most people who start the low FODMAP diet have an especially hard time giving up garlic and onions. Not only do they lose a couple of their favorite cooking staples, but also the best ingredients to ward off vampires (garlic) and bothersome colleagues at work (onion breath).

Don’t stress! Following a low FODMAP diet doesn’t mean a lifetime of dull, unremarkable cuisine. There are a several ways to add excitement and flare to your meals even without these two classic ingredients. Unfortunately, you’re still on your own when it comes to fending off those co-workers and bloodsuckers! 

First up: Garlic-Infused Olive Oil

You’re likely using olive oil to cook your garlic anyway, why not infuse the two? You still get all that garlic flavour and aroma, without any of the tummy aches. Garlic-infused olive oil is safe for people following a low FODMAP diet. You still get all that garlicky taste, but without the ‘O’ in FODMAP (oligosaccharides).

You can of course start making your own garlic-infused olive oil, but that’s like a pioneer churning their own butter! It’s a lot of work making sure all the garlic cloves don’t disintegrate.  Any tiny pieces can induce IBS symptoms, so you’ll have to be vigilant about straining after infusion. Plus, you’d have to use it within a week, or you’d be at risk of botulism. For this reason especially, we recommend only using professionally manufactured garlic/olive oil infusions.

But don’t worry! There’s an easier way! Visit your local supermarket or check out garlic infused olive oils online. Pick up a bottle of Fody’s low FODMAP garlic-infused olive oil that’s ready and safe to use.

Spice up your life with new herbs and flavours!

Instead of looking at this as a culinary set back, try looking at it as an opportunity to get creative! We all typically fall back on these kitchen classics at the expense of pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. Having to cook without either of these staples can open your taste buds to new herbs and spices you’ve never experienced before. With such a large selection available at your fingertips, you’ll discover a whole new world of flavour while cooking your favourite meals.

Check out this list of herbs and spices provided and certified by Monash University, founders of the low FODMAP diet:


Basil; Kaffir Lime Leaves; Oregano; Parsley; Rosemary; Sage; Thyme; Tarragon


Chili Powder; Curry Powder; Mustard Seeds; Turmeric; Paprika; Cumin; Fennel Seeds; Low FODMAP Spices (eg. TacoLemon & HerbSteak)

Nothing jives quite like chives!

Finally, chives can be a worthy substitute in your no garlic or onion master plan. Chives are the best of both worlds, adding that oniony taste along with mild notes of garlic. Fresh or dried chives are safe to eat on a low FODMAP diet.

So get out there and get cooking! There’s a whole world of flavour out there waiting for you.

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