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Ways to Give to CDHF

It’s CDHF’s 30th Anniversary! Help us raise $30,000 to celebrate.

Lack of information, embarrassment and fear still prevent many Canadians from undergoing the tests that can identify digestive problems at an early, reversible stage. Even when a digestive disorder can’t be prevented, timely treatment can usually control it and preserve your quality of life. On the flip side, delaying diagnosis and treatment may cause today’s “bothersome” digestive ailment to progress to tomorrow’s serious disease. Many Canadians are not seeking the help they need. This needs to change. 

Good lifestyle choices and proper nutrition can help. When that is not enough, you may need to turn to treatments available over the counter or use safe, effective prescription medications.

Education and awareness of digestive health and disease is so important.

CDHF works hard every day to help people understand, protect, and enhance their digestive health. Since we were founded in 1993, we have raised and invested more than $1 million to fund Canadian researchers in the field of digestive health, and created countless educational programs for those with digestive conditions. We rely on the generosity of supporters like you to continue to provide trusted, timely and much-needed information for the millions of Canadians who live with digestive conditions every day, and for those who are looking for preventable, proactive health strategies. Every little bit helps. Thank you!

A tax receipt will be issued for all donations of $20 or more.

Helping Everyday Canadians with their Digestive Health:

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Learn from Registered Dietitians, and give to CDHF!

CDHF has partnered with NutriProCan to bring you 60-90-minute online nutrition courses that are science-based, up-to-date, and created under the supervision of Lisa Spriet, a registered dietitian, and former university professor in food and nutrition sciences. A portion of the funds from the programs will go to CDHF, so be sure to use the links below! 

Courses are available in:

Purchase FODZYME, give to CDHF!

FODZYME is a scientifically-backed FODMAP-targeting digestive enzyme blend, specifically designed to help patients with FODMAP intolerances. FODZYME’s enzymes break down the most common FODMAP triggers fructan, lactose, and GOS/galactans so patients can freely enjoy these foods without digestive distress.

Take 15% off with code THECDHF and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to CDHF. Or, use this link and the discount and donation will be automatically applied: https://www.fodzyme.com/THECDHF

Become a CDHF Corporate Partner

Digestive disorders touch the lives of millions of Canadians every year.

Our Programs Include:

Partner Benefits Include:

Access to an Engaged Audience in the Digestive health and Disease Space

Brand exposure to those with digestive conditions, or those looking to live healthier lives. Our website garners 150,000+ users a month, and with a 3:09 minute average session duration – they are engaged, and looking to CDHF to understand complex concepts easier.


In the marketplace as a partner & association with evidence-based recommendations and information concerning digestive health and disease.

In a world where consumers are presented with a multitude of conflicting messages about how to best manage their digestive health, CDHF is the credible authoritative, trusted voice to guide consumers through their self-discovery and journey. A partner to make sense of the information, from the food they eat, to the lifestyle they lead, to the medications they take, and beyond. We are a group of people, for people who talk about digestive health in an authentic, “refreshingly real” way while still remaining professional, and ensuring our resources are always written or reviewed by a healthcare professional.