Gaming for Gastroparesis: Hope for a Cure 2021

August 21st 2021

Save the Date: August 21, 2021 – Our annual Gaming for Gastroparesis charity fundraising stream is BACK on Twitch!

If you’ve never heard of Twitch, it is an online platform where gamer’s stream video games they are playing online. Viewers are able to log on and watch them, chat and even interact with the gamer as they play. One of the neat things about the platform is the ability to use it to do good in the world through charity streaming. Check out highlights from last year, where our amazing group of streamers were able to raise $2615 for gastroparesis awareness and research initiatives!

This year, we are lucky enough to team up (for the third time!) with our charity stream organizer, and one of the many gastroparesis fighters Jennifer (@Astreigha on Twitch) and her partner @Vaynum who will be playing their favourite games, and raising money for gastroparesis research and awareness initiatives.

Save the campaign links and share our video to spread the word!

Let’s get gaming for gastroparesis!

If you have any questions, please reach out to:

Kelsey Cheyne

Marketing Director