2nd Annual Gaming for Gastroparesis Charity Live Stream Marathon

August 21st/23rd 2020



Last year Astreigha introduced us to the world of gaming, spearheading our first ever charity stream and raising a grand total of $800.00 for Gastroparesis! Now we are hooked on gaming for good and are hoping to raise even more in honour of August being Gastroparesis Awareness Month!

When? Friday, August 21st – Sunday, August 23rd, 2020 More details coming soon!

Never heard of Twitch? Twitch is basically like YouTube but instead of watching a video you are watching the person play a video game live and can interact and chat with them while they play the game. One of the neat things about the platform is the ability to use it to do good in the world through charity streaming. We’ve teamed up with our gastroparesis fighters @Astreigha and a number of other streamers to do one of our own to raise money for gastroparesis research + awareness initiatives.

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