Andrew Scheer challenges new Canada Food Guide

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Canada Food Guide

CDHF was featured in several news articles over the weekend regarding conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s promises to review the new Canada Food Guide.

The new Canada Food Guide is based on years of scientific research and is a balanced, well-received program that has been put together with Canadian health in mind. Educating yourself on what the new food guide recommends is in the best interest of your overall health, as well as the health of Canadians as a whole. It has been celebrated worldwide as one of the most progressive food guidelines put out to date.

CDHF agrees with Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor’s statement that: “It’s important that the Canada Food Guide is based on science and not industry.”

During the development of the Canada Food Guide, food and beverage industry leaders were intentionally left out of negotiations in an effort to ensure that the guide was written with people’s health in mind and to minimize the risk of industry bias.

For Scheer to suggest that the guide be revisited with the consideration of industry-driven evidence goes against this original sentiment.

Many lobbyists have been threatened by the new food guide, which encourages Canadians to choose water as their drink of choice and to eat more plant-based foods. Scheer’s comments were not backed up or founded by any scientific data, and CDHF fully supports the direction of Canada’s Food Guide.

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