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Our digestive system is at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week converting the foods we eat into energy to fuel our bodies and minds, fight illness and infection, and help use grow and repair injury. You may be able to improve your tummy troubles by making a few simple changes to what you eat, how you eat, how you relax and what kind of exercise you enjoy.

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*Disclaimer: How to set goals to Help Manage Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) was submitted by a Ms. Wanni Z. The opinions stated in this article should […]

Written by Doug Cook, RDN. Leafy greens have long been promoted as a healthy food. Even Canada’s Food Guide used to have a directional statement about […]


Written by Doug Cook, RDN Is bone broth healthy? Bone broth continues to enjoy the spotlight. In the past few years, it has become really popular, […]

Can immunocompromised patients with IBD get the COVID vaccine?

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Are COVID-19 vaccinations in immunocompromised patients with IBD safe? CDHF’s association – the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG) recently provided guidance for mRNA COVID-19 vaccinations in […]

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disorder affecting the intestine. IBS involves problems with motility (movement of digested food through the intestines) and sensitivity (how the […]

Navigating the holidays with Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

*Disclaimer: Navigating the holidays with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) was submitted by a Ms. Wanni Z. The opinions stated in this article should not replace the […]

Prevent an Ulcerative Colitis Flare with these 11 tips - Picture of sleeping mask and alarm clock and sign that says good night. 1. Make Sure to get a good night sleep!


Please note: This article outlines 11 tips to help you prevent an ulcerative colitis flare, and is based on one patient’s experience. Nothing in this article […]

Halloween may look a little different this year, but there are still many ways to have fun and enjoy this Spooktacular holiday! First things first, to […]


Protocols and and guidelines are evolving constantly in Canada. Our friends at Valneva put together some tips to keep in mind if you are travelling during […]

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Since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic in March 2020, there has been a number of studies suggesting that celiac disease, a chronic […]

Researchers are constantly looking into how to harness the power of the microbiota for better health. While we don’t have a specific definition for a healthy […]


We can’t be the only ones that get scared every time our nose starts to run, or feel a cold come on during the global pandemic. […]

Two digestive disorders that increase in risk as we age are diverticular disease and colon cancer. Did you know that there are lifestyle changes that may […]

Ageing. Most of us dread it and do everything we can to delay it. Many of us shudder at the idea of ageing, so much so […]

Did you know that some probiotics may help with IBS? Feature image blue background pink probiotic capsules scattered in a pattern

Author: Desiree Nielsen, Registered Dietitian. About the author: Desiree Nielsen is a registered dietitian and author based in Vancouver. She runs a nutrition consulting practice and […]

CDHF’s Second annual Gaming for Gastroparesis Charity Stream Marathon was a HUGE success! If you missed it, on August 21st-23rd,  Jennifer (or @astreigha on Twitch), our […]

Back to School for the Immunocompromised with COVID-19 - mage with school supplies and a medical mask on a white and blue background

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Going back to school, while still only in stage three of COVID-19, is stressful for any parent. However, households that are occupied by someone who is […]

Your first job as a mom is making healthy and informed nutrition decisions. Some nutrients are critical for the healthy growth and development of your baby.   […]

If you are reading this, you may be embarking on one of the most exciting times in your life – motherhood. Your nutritional and overall health, […]

Spring has sprung! Something about the warmth in the air makes you want to break out the BBQ’s and enjoy some hotdogs, ribs, and spicy margaritas! […]

In this infographic, we’ll cover what characteristics to look for in healthy, filling foods, some of our favourite fill-you-up foods, and the importance of mindful eating […]

How to Stay Fuller Longer

If you’re anything like us, you often sit down for lunch to enjoy your sandwich or salad, then an hour rolls by and just like that, […]

The Importance of Staying Hydrated: General Hydration and Virus Recovery


When it comes to fluid intake, we’re often told to “drink eight (8) glasses of water a day” to ensure we stay hydrated throughout the day, […]

The Importance of Staying Hydrated: General Hydration and Virus Recovery: Infographic


How important IS hydration to your overall health? We take a deep dive into the importance of hydration, how your environment or activities can impact it […]

How to Manage Stress Eating and Snack Smart at Home


Stress eating is a real thing, and there’s no doubt about it, this is an extremely stressful time for everyone. People are worried about their jobs, […]

Snacking is a great way to manage hunger, and you shouldn’t shy away from it. Under eating is just as harmful to your body as overeating, […]

Diarrhea. You know if you have THIS digestive condition. People who suffer from diarrhea experience loose, watery stools more frequently than normal and often experience a […]


Unfortunately, those most at risk of developing severe complications if exposed to COVID-19 are also most at risk of developing financial difficulties during this time. If […]


Unfortunately, those most at risk of developing severe complications if exposed to COVID-19 are also most at risk of developing financial difficulties during this time. If […]

Rent Payments in Canada During COVID-19 for the Immunocompromised: What you Need to Know


Unfortunately those most at risk of developing severe complications if exposed to COVID-19 are also most at risk of developing financial difficulties during this time. If […]


In the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a wave of misinformation related to the virus. Here at CDHF, we’re committed to doing our […]

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With the spread of COVID-19 we understand it can be even more challenging for patients with IBD to make decisions about navigating life and whether or […]

COVID-19 Readiness Checklist for the Immunocompromised


During this pandemic, if you are immunocompromised you know you are more at risk of complications from COVID-19 than the average person. It is recommended that […]

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It’s all over the news, there’s a global pandemic going on and the number one message is to STAY INSIDE! Especially if you’re one of the […]


COVID-19 has taken the world over it seems, and the everyday lives of people all over the planet have been completely disrupted. But what does this […]


What are infusion clinics doing to ensure the safety of their patients? What will a visit to your clinics look like during this pandemic, and what […]


COVID-19 has taken the world over it seems, and the everyday lives of people all over the planet have been completely disrupted. But what does this […]


Dressing when you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), or many other digestive health conditions, can be a tricky situation. You could be doing everything right, feeling […]


With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, many of us are spending our days at home, practicing social distancing. For some of us, despite the fact […]


If you or a loved one requires surgery, consider increasing your nutrition and incorporating a few of our tips to help improve your post-surgery recovery time.


If you are planning to undergo surgery, or are recovering from a medical procedure, there are strategies you can use to invest in a healthy, steady […]


Ingredients (serves 4) 1 lb ground turkey 1 lemon, zested 2 tbsp garlic infused olive oil 1/4 cup finely chopped basil leaves 1/4 cup finely chopped […]


It’s that time of year again. You’re sick of the snow and ready to escape to a beach somewhere near the equator!  If you’re anything like […]

Is my Poop Healthy/Normal?

Ever looked in the toilet and wondered, hmmm, is my poop healthy/normal? Everybody poops, but nobody likes to talk about it! We get it, poop is […]

By Amanda Li, RD It is estimated that each year, 1 in 5 people personally experience a mental health problem. Mental health is complex and it […]


By Amanda Li, RD In one month an average person consumes around a hundred meals, and more if you prefer “grazing” over “3-square meals a day.” […]

A christmas gift and baubles with santa thees red reading glasses on a branded blue background featuring blue microbes.

The holiday season is here! And along with the holidays comes the inevitable stress of WHAT THE HECK AM I GETTING EVERYONE? If you’re typically a […]

Right Hemicolectomy: My Experiences. What’s Next? Where do I go?

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*Important: This is an opinion piece. This information should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your physician. There may […]

There’s lots of talk about probiotics these days. Probiotics in your yogurt, probiotics in your bread, even probiotics in your skincare or household cleaners! But what actually are probiotics, and why […]

My first surgery: Life changed forever

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*Important: This is an opinion piece. This information should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your physician. There may […]

You’ve learned all about probiotics in our last few posts. Probiotics are generally defined as live microbes (extremely small living things that can only be seen with […]

The Psychological effects of IBD: My Crohn’s story and how I overcame it

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*Important: This is an opinion piece. This information should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your physician. There may […]

5 sure-fire ways to get bigger, stronger, and leaner while having IBD: Crohn’s disease.

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*Important: This is an opinion piece. This information should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your physician. There may […]

As a parent, you want to give your baby the best start in life. You are conscious of your baby’s health and development and want to ensure […]

So, now that we’re experts on probiotics, what sort of conditions and diagnoses could you treat with probiotics?   While probiotics for adult health can be applied […]

As interest and research in the field of probiotics, gut microbiota and the human microbiome expands, more and more conflicting information is hitting the headlines. One […]

Symptoms of IBS


IBgard is A CDHF Certified Product  You may have heard us talk about IBgard – a CDHF certified product that we have featured in one of our blog posts, or seen them with us […]

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*Important: This is an opinion piece. This information should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your physician. There may […]


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First things first, it’s important to remember that a FODMAP diet isn’t a lifetime diet. Once you understand your IBS trigger foods and food intolerances, you can adapt your diet […]

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The occasional bloat or watery poop is nothing to worry about. But if consistent belly pain, cramps, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation are getting in the way […]

Vote with healthcare in mind


Hey Canada! It’s almost election time. Monday, October 21 marks the official date that all votes must be in for this year’s federal election. We think […]

Registering for Medical Cannabis Online Your How To Guide

CDHF has partnered with Canadian Cannabis Clinics to offer you fast, easy access to medical cannabis. You can now book a FREE appointment through their online […]

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Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is an extremely common functional gut disorder. In fact, Canada has one of the highest prevalence of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in the […]

Make Sure you Always Have Access to your Medical Cannabis with Cannalogue: With medical cannabis demonstrating immense therapeutic value, there is a need for an empathetic, […]

Every Parent’s Step by Step Guide to an Allergy Friendly School Year


It’s that time of year again! It’s nerve wracking for any parent to watch their child walk into school on that first day. However, if your […]

Want to try the MORE Cookie yourself? Well, you’re in luck! CDHF has partnered with MORE Cookie, so that every time you purchase a box off their […]

Every time I hit the grill I find myself topping my burger with the same old boring toppings. Well, that’s going to change! Here are a […]

fibre cookie

Visual learner? Download the Infographic here.  Fibre and whole grains– both are hot topics in the nutrition world these days. In this article we will cover […]

Women and IBS


Women and IBS… We all poo – GIRLS POO too. It’s a fact of life. Periods poos, had too much to drink with the girls the night before poos, […]

Does Hot Weather Affect Digestion?

Does hot weather affect digestion? As summer starts to ramp up, we find ourselves involved in more outdoor activities in the heat! BBQ’s, pool parties and […]

New Canada Food Guide


CDHF was featured in several news articles over the weekend regarding conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s promises to review the new Canada Food Guide. The new Canada […]

Top IBS Questions: Answered!


1. Q: What is IBS?  A: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disorder affecting the intestine. IBS involves problems with motility (movement of digested food through the […]

ZAXINE co-pay program

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Summer vacation is here! Which means the kids are out of school and are diving into their summer routine. This of course is the most exciting […]


What are the reasons you tend to skip breakfast? Maybe it’s just because mornings are so busy, or you’re on the run, or you have a […]

Medical Cannabis: Patient Experiences Webinar

In the final webinar of our three-part webinar series on medical cannabis, Dr. Schneider chats with three individuals who include medical cannabis as part of their treatment […]

For most people, going away for some R&R is something to look forward to. Whether you’re jet setting to somewhere exotic, or just heading up north […]

Medical Cannabis: Laying out the Evidence Webinar

  When healthcare professionals need to make decisions for a patient, but have questions about a drug, medical device, test, or procedure; they turn to the […]

When cannabis became legal on October 17th, 2018 – many assumed that you wouldn’t need to buy your medical cannabis from a licenced producer (LP) anymore. […]


What’s a delicious piece of BBQ chicken without a side of slaw? In our opinion, it’s a summertime travesty. While coleslaw is a cookout staple, it’s […]

Spice up your Low FODMAP Diet


No Onion or Garlic? No Problem! People who begin their low FODMAP journey are usually hit with quite a bit of a shock when they realize […]

Keep your tummy in tip-top shape with these tips!


Food Allergies 101 & Safe for School Snacks! If you’re a parent with a child in school, there’s a good chance food allergies have come up […]

Enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC) diarrhea is the most common cause of diarrhea when travelling to many areas of the world. Enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC), an important […]

IBS Survival Guide

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IBS Survival Guide If you suffer from IBS, then you already know that you have to navigate the world much differently than most people. You may […]

We Love Lentils Why do we love lentils so much? Let us count the ways! High in protein, dietary fibre, minerals, and B vitamins, lentils are not only […]

Canada has one of the highest prevalence’s of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in the world – estimated at 18% vs. 11% globally (Lovell et al. 2012). […]


Any person who has suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can agree that their symptoms cause them a great deal of anxiety and discomfort. To combat […]

Dysbiosis and IBS

Dysbiosis and IBS: A small history lesson You know it’s just another day in the wonderful world of gut health when we throw another crazy word […]


Abdominal pain, bloating, cramps, constipation, diarrhea… we all experience these not-so-pleasant tummy troubles from time to time. But when these symptoms present themselves on a regular […]


OAKVILLE, ON –- March 25, 2019 –- the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation ( announced today the launch of a new brand identity to reflect the not-for-profit’s […]


Iron is an essential mineral found in every cell of your body. Canada’s Dietary Guidelines set out by Health Canada provides the guidelines and considerations for […]

Dating with IBS


As we’ve already discussed, stress is a huge trigger for people who live with IBS. Which is why we figured we would talk a little bit about […]

Busting gut health buzz words

Here at CDHF, we were into gut health way before it was cool. However, now that the importance of maintaining your digestive health has finally hit […]


The VARSITY trial is the first completed head-to-head superiority study to compare biological agents in IBD.

For the newly diagnosed celiac, that first trip to the grocery store is always a daunting task. What foods are safe? What’s the difference between gluten […]

Learn all about the brain-gut connection, how stress impacts your microbiome, as well as pre and probiotic info and tips! Each module has exciting and relatable insights from Registered Dietician and gut health expert, Andrea Hardy

Cannabis in Gastroenterology Webinar

In this empowering session, Dr. Schneider, Dr. Andrews and two individuals who suffer from GI disorders reviewed the basics of Cannabis, outlined the evidence on medical cannabis to date and answered the many questions of attendees.

There’s lots of talk about probiotics these days and their role in digestive health and disease. while probiotics and prebiotics sound similar, they actually are very […]


If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), you know that when your symptoms flare up, they can be incapacitating. Getting ready for work in the […]

It’s crazy how much stress can negatively affect your body. This is even more true if you suffer from GI disorders such as IBS. According to […]

Not only is IBS physically debilitating, but the unpredictable nature of painful and embarrassing symptoms can significantly affect a person’s mental health.    It is an unfortunate […]



What are FODMAPs? FODMAPs are a group of small carbohydrate (sugar) molecules found in everyday foods. Carbohydrates are made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and […]

Eat smaller and more frequent meals without increasing overall calorie intake. Don’t forget to have breakfast and avoid large meals at night. The last meal should […]

2016 Healthy Gut Summit presentation on diet and digestive health by Sandra Saville, RD

Introducing the Human Gut Microbiome Animation

Your body plays host to trillions of microscopic visitors that make up your unique microbiome fingerprint. A troup of bacterial superheroes living in your gut works very hard […]

Leagues of superheroes live in your gut. They fight bad microorganisms and work to keep you healthy. Missing key players on your superhero team can bring […]


Blackboards and Bathrooms was developed by the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation in collaboration with Robbies Rainbow. Blackboards and Bathrooms has been created especially for you – the […]

Living Positively with IBS-M

What is IBS-M? IBS-M (the M stands for ‘mixed’) is when a person with IBS suffers from alternating diarrhea and constipation. Nearly everyone has suffered from […]


What to do when you have to poo? People who suffer from IBS often struggle with debilitating symptoms that seriously effect their ability to work and […]


Peppermint: a short history Unless you’re trying to decided between a minty or fruity stick of gum, peppermint probably isn’t top of mind. However, peppermint has […]

Jason is a 37 year old man who was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the age of 20. He is currently using cannabis to manager His […]

Joanne is a 56-year old woman who has been diagnosed with: Gastroparesis, Hypothyroid, IBS, GERD, Acid Reflux, FM, OA & DDD. She is currently using cannabis […]

What is IBS? IBS is a common chronic gastrointestinal disorder that involves problems with motility (how the bowel moves contents through our intestines) and sensitivity (how […]

Cooking for a healthy microbiome

We all know that we’re supposed to eat healthy. It’s been drilled into our heads a thousand times. Often, people associate eating healthy with weight loss […]

Your Microbiome Through the Ages

Before you were even able to open your eyes for the first time, your body had already been invaded! By TRILLIONS of tiny microbes, which together […]

Fibre does More Than Make You Poo


Everyone is always talking about probiotics these days, but few people actually understand what they really are and why they’re good for you. Probiotics are live […]

  Include foods rich in fibre: For optimal general health and function of the colon, you should aim to consume about 20 to 30 grams of […]

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Eat easily digestible carbohydrates such as: potatoes, rice, lettuce, bananas and grapes Consume products that contain pre and probiotics such as yogurt, kefir, bananas, whole grain […]

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Eat smaller and more frequent meals without increasing overall calorie intake. Don’t forget to have breakfast and avoid large meals late at night. The last meal […]

Spa Day? No thanks, I have a Colonoscopy!


Written by KR Life is what you make it.  Not sure who said that but it’s working for me. I am a 41 year old mother […]


Written by KR. A woman’s life is full of many triumphs and challenges, but one of the largest challenges I’ve faced over the past 41 years […]

Make Your Weekly Grocery Shop a Breeze with Amanda’s Top 5 Tips


Hi, my name is Amanda, and I am a Registered Dietitian and Culinary Expert. Today I want to share with you my top 5 grocery shopping […]


By Amanda Li, RD Fridge staples are essential to making quick homemade meals that are delicious, nutrient dense and tummy-friendly! Registered Dietitian and culinary expert, Amanda […]


By Amanda Li, RD A simple stir-fry dish that is insanely addictive! Ingredients: 1 head Iceberg lettuce, shredded* 1 bunch Green onions, white and green parts […]



By Amanda Li, RD Each bite is packed with the perfect balance of sweet and savouriness.  The crunch of the pecans is a nice contrast to […]


By Amanda Li, RD Oatmeal is by far the most popular “go-to” breakfast choice among health conscious individuals but a bowl of oats with a spoonful […]

Make Ahead High Protein Pancakes


By Amanda Li, RD  These pancakes can be made in large batches and are freezer friendly! Perfect for those busy weekday mornings. Makes 60-2inch diameter pancakes […]

By Amanda Li, RD These flatbreads are nice and flexible, so go ahead, stuff and roll with chicken, veggies, hummus, avocado, and sprouts! Makes 3 x […]

By Doug Cook, RDN Kefir (pronounced ‘kuh-feer’) is a cultured/fermented dairy product that originated with shepherds of the North Caucasus  region. They discovered that fresh milk […]

Berry Power. Colourful And Delicious Kick-Ass Nutrition


By Doug Cook, RDN Berries are amazing. The most exciting news about berries is their abundant anti-cancer and anti-aging benefits! Our bodies need antioxidants to protect […]

By Doug Cook, RD One of the biggest motivations to ‘eat clean’ is the longing to have better-looking skin. I get asked all the time if […]


Written by Doug Cook RDN Apple cider vinegar is VERY popular in the ‘alternative’ and natural health community. It seems like there’s no shortage of health claims. […]


Yield: 16 servings Prep Time: 30 minutes Nutrition Facts: Per 1 serving (1 bar, 45 g) Calories 170; Fat 7 g (10% DV), Carbohydrates 26 g […]


Recipe by Eric Deletroz, CCC & Lucia Weiler, RD, Nutritionist Yield: 8 servings Prep Time: 20 minutes Nutrition Facts: Per 1 serving (185 g) Calories 210; […]


Ingredients: Sriracha and Lime Vinaigrette 1/2 cup (125 ml or 90g) White bean canned, drained & pureed 1 Tbsp. (15 ml) Sriracha seasoning 1/4 cup (60 […]


Written by Doug Cook RDN Kale is an awesome vegetable, there’s no denying. As a crucifer, kale is part of a group of vegetables with the most […]

By Justine Dowd, PHd.  Recent research suggests that despite the benefits of following a nutritious gluten-free diet for people with celiac disease1,2, adherence to a gluten-free diet […]

As we age, our gut microbiota tends to become less diverse. This can be attributed to various factors such as dietary and lifestyle changes, decreased mobility, […]

As a future mom, you’ll want what’s best for your baby. Did you know your baby’s first contact with microbes is via the placenta? As you […]


Don’t let the grocery store scare you. Getting the fibre you need from the foods you love can be fun and easy. With a little bit […]


Nutritional claims describe the relative amount of fibre in a food. An example of a nutrient claim would be: “a good source of fibre” or “high in […]

Recommended Daily Fibre Intake Canadian women need 25 grams of fibre per day and men need 38 grams of fibre per day. Most Canadians are only […]

Meeting your fibre needs is critical to your health. If you are not eating enough fibre, you are likely living with a fibre-famished gut and suffering […]


Your digestive tract is at work every moment of every day. That miraculous tube that runs from gum to bum fuels our minds, bodies and lives. […]

When someone is diagnosed with celiac disease, it’s an adjustment for the whole family, not just the person diagnosed. If someone has celiac disease, even a […]

There’s a lot of talk about gluten these days and many people seem to be confused as to what the difference is between someone who has […]

This video will teach you the benefits of pre and probiotics, explain how to select, ingest and store them, and help you understand what you need […]

The Brain-Gut Axis Is mental health affected by gut health? Have you ever gotten a ‘gut feeling,’ about someone, that later on turned out to be […]

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Microbiome

The microbiome consists of TRILLIONS of living microbes inside your gut. These little mood elevators work around the clock producing happy-chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. Making sure that […]

Get Messy! For new parents, the idea of their infant being exposed to new, unfamiliar environments can be daunting. We’re taught our whole lives to wash […]

What do we say to Anxiety? Not Today!

Fight and flight reactions in a delayed return environment Why are human beings the only living creatures on the planet that suffer from chronic anxiety? What […]

As an adult, your microbiota continues to change in response to events like illness, disease, antibiotic treatment, fever, stress, injury, and changes in diet. Find out […]

For the Health Care Professionals Guide, click here.  About Recently, there has been a surge of attention on medical cannabis. The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation is […]

You may be newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease, or have just noticed that you’ve been starting to feel a little bit off whenever you indulge in […]

What are probiotics? Probiotics are generally defined as live microbes (extremely small living things that can only be seen with a microscope) which, when taken in […]