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Our digestive system is at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week converting the foods we eat into energy to fuel our bodies and minds, fight illness and infection, and help use grow and repair injury. You may be able to improve your tummy troubles by making a few simple changes to what you eat, how you eat, how you relax and what kind of exercise you enjoy.

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A christmas gift and baubles with santa thees red reading glasses on a branded blue background featuring blue microbes.

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The holiday season is here! And along with the holidays comes the inevitable stress of WHAT THE HECK AM I GETTING EVERYONE? If you’re typically a […]

Dysbiosis and IBS

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Dysbiosis and IBS: A small history lesson You know it’s just another day in the wonderful world of gut health when we throw another crazy word […]

Learn all about the brain-gut connection, how stress impacts your microbiome, as well as pre and probiotic info and tips! Each module has exciting and relatable insights from Registered Dietician and gut health expert, Andrea Hardy

Introducing the Human Gut Microbiome Animation


Your body plays host to trillions of microscopic visitors that make up your unique microbiome fingerprint. A troup of bacterial superheroes living in your gut works very hard […]


Leagues of superheroes live in your gut. They fight bad microorganisms and work to keep you healthy. Missing key players on your superhero team can bring […]

Cooking for a healthy microbiome

We all know that we’re supposed to eat healthy. It’s been drilled into our heads a thousand times. Often, people associate eating healthy with weight loss […]

Your Microbiome Through the Ages


Before you were even able to open your eyes for the first time, your body had already been invaded! By TRILLIONS of tiny microbes, which together […]


By Amanda Li, RD A simple stir-fry dish that is insanely addictive! Ingredients: 1 head Iceberg lettuce, shredded* 1 bunch Green onions, white and green parts […]



By Amanda Li, RD Each bite is packed with the perfect balance of sweet and savouriness.  The crunch of the pecans is a nice contrast to […]


As we age, our gut microbiota tends to become less diverse. This can be attributed to various factors such as dietary and lifestyle changes, decreased mobility, […]

As a future mom, you’ll want what’s best for your baby. Did you know your baby’s first contact with microbes is via the placenta? As you […]

The Brain-Gut Axis Is mental health affected by gut health? Have you ever gotten a ‘gut feeling,’ about someone, that later on turned out to be […]

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Microbiome

The microbiome consists of TRILLIONS of living microbes inside your gut. These little mood elevators work around the clock producing happy-chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. Making sure that […]

Get Messy! For new parents, the idea of their infant being exposed to new, unfamiliar environments can be daunting. We’re taught our whole lives to wash […]

What do we say to Anxiety? Not Today!

Fight and flight reactions in a delayed return environment Why are human beings the only living creatures on the planet that suffer from chronic anxiety? What […]


As an adult, your microbiota continues to change in response to events like illness, disease, antibiotic treatment, fever, stress, injury, and changes in diet. Find out […]