CDHF Partners with NutriProCan IBS Program Designed to Relieve or Resolve IBS Symptoms

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Do you suffer from IBS symptoms? Learn more about NutriProCan’s IBS treatment protocol program. 

According to Gastroenterology Journal, IBS affects an estimated 18% of the population worldwide, and more women suffer from IBS than men. In a survey by the Gastrointestinal Society in 2018, IBS patients reported that they would give up 15 years of their life to live symptom-free. Common approaches to managing IBS symptoms involve attempts to follow a low FODMAP diet, taking pre/probiotic (as well as other) supplements, medications as well as exercise and mental health supports. The trials and errors of an IBS journey can cause depression, and the sudden and embarrassing symptoms alone are known to cause anxiety and stress day in and day out.

For those struggling with the often disruptive symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), NutriProCan Dietitians offer a comprehensive IBS Program that is aimed at resolving symptoms while focusing on the quality of life and avoiding excessive restriction. The process of receiving a definitive diagnosis can take up to 4 years. However, a diagnosis is not required to start managing symptoms with a dietitian-led program.

“I suffered from severe IBS for over 20 years. Unable to go to the club with friends, dates with my wife, or even complete tasks at my work all because of the constant need to find bathrooms in very short notice. I had been to countless Dr, naturopaths, and intestinal specialists and even tried hypnotherapy. Unfortunately, nothing had worked. I couldn’t believe I had never tried a dietitian, but I am absolutely amazed by the results. I started my journey in February 2021 and by the end of March 2021, I was a new person. I couldn’t believe the relief I had been given. It feels like I have a new chance at life. I am able to go out to dinners, play more sports, and have dates with my wife. I have been able to travel comfortably for work and try things I have never thought possible. I even took the most memorable motorcycle trip with my father, something I thought I would never be able to do. I am so grateful for the work Nav has done for me. Setting up personalized meal plans and closely monitoring my progress through the low FODMAP elimination and re-introduction phases. As if the freedom to be able to venture out without even the thought of bathrooms wasn’t enough, through the entire process, I was able to drop 50lbs. I feel like an entirely new person and could not recommend Nutriprocan more. If you are suffering from any intestinal discomfort or issues like IBS, please check them out. Truly game-changing.”, wrote Kevin Holtby, a NutriProCan client. 

“It is my pleasure to be offering another resource for those affected by IBS. Nutrition is at the heart of IBS treatment, and we understand that an IBS Diet must be personalized, evidence-based as well as considered for nutrient-drug interactions, which registered dietitians are qualified to review and advise on,” said Kelsey Cheyne, ED of Canadian Digestive Health Foundation.

NutriProCan Dietitians are partnering with the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF) by integrating MyIBS App into their evidence-based IBS treatment protocol. This partnership allows a person to track their symptoms with the MyIBS App and, with this partnership, receive personalized and comprehensive nutrition therapy, as well as lifestyle coaching from a registered dietitian.

As part of this strategic collaboration, NutriProCan will donate a portion of the IBS package proceeds to CDHF and offer additional support for digestive health education and resources through CDHF.

“I am thrilled about the trifecta of this collaboration where we are adding a highly beneficial tool, the MyIBS App, into our IBS Program, increasing awareness about treatment options, as well as supporting the important work CDHF does,” said Lisa Spriet, President & CEO of NutriProCan.

About NutriProCan

NutriProCan Dietitians have been supporting Canadians since 2015 with a team of Registered Dietitians dedicated to providing science-based nutrition advice and education. NutriProCan Dietitians offer virtual counselling and programs for various health concerns to clients in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

About CDHF

Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF) is Canada’s trusted resource on digestive health. Committed to providing useful, up-to-date information and research to help Canadians better manage digestive conditions and live healthier lives.


Eini Alderhill, NutriProCan Marketing & Operations


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