Supermarket Strategies


A stress-free grocery shopping experience starts at home. The following supermarket strategies can help you eat right and feel fabulous!

Don’t let the grocery store scare you. Getting the fibre you need from foods you love can be fun and easy. With a little bit of know-how, a fast and successful trip to the grocery store will have you bringing home healthy choices. To help you discover all things fibre, the following supermarket strategies can help you eat right and feel fabulous!

Make a list, check it twice

A stress-free grocery shopping experience starts at home. Set aside a few minutes before you head to the grocer store to plan your shop. List your grocery items by category, grouping together: fruits, vegetables, grain products and other items. When. you only buy what you need you maximize time and save money.

Explore the Store

Cruise and peruse the perimeter of the grocery store to find whole foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains that are rich in fibre. Check out the centre isles to shop for oatmeal, bran, barley, dried beans and grains to incorporate into your meals.

Be Colour Concious

Spend time exploring the produce section, it’s the largest section in the store. Fill your cart with lots of colourful fruits, vegetables and try to buy in season. The more colour you have, the more variety of vitamins, minerals and fibre you will be eating. If a certain fresh fruit or vegetable is unavailable, look for it in the frozen food aisle.

Be Adventurous

We tend to eat the same foods over and over again. Be adventurous! Try a new fruit and vegetable each week, along with a different whole grain. On-line recipes can help make feeding your fibre famished friends and family fun!

Take a Tour

Many grocery stores now offer tours led by Registered Dietitians. On-site dietitians can teach you how to read labels, answer questions and suggest great recipes or simple ways you can fibre-up your favourite dishes. Why not take a tour today.

For information and education purposes only. Not intended to replace the advice of a Health Care Professional.

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