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The Cultured Coconut

Creating and maintaining a broad diversity of microbes in the gut has been viewed as an important biomarker for good health – numerous studies have observed lower diversity as being associated with various diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, type 1 diabetes, obesity, and other health concerns.

A microbial analysis that was conducted by a bioscience food lab in Cork, Ireland confirmed that there are 4+ trillion CFU in just 1 daily tablespoon of The Cultured Coconut. Its full spectrum of 40+ probiotic strains have formed naturally through the traditional fermentation cycle. The kefir grains used, living entities that resemble little gelatinous pieces of cauliflower, essentially infuse the coconut milk with an exceptionally high level of probiotic bacteria and beneficial yeast. Thanks to Mother Nature, every single probiotic strain is in the perfect ratio to one another. As a result, they all possess an inherent ability to work together synergistically and act in unison as a natural family.

During the traditional fermentation cycle, these microbes have had to evolve in order to cope in an acidic environment.  As a result, they’re naturally able to withstand the gastric acid in order to then have an influence in the intestinal area beyond the stomach.

The beneficial bacteria in The Cultured Coconut are both live and active (in liquid form), so they can start to take immediate effect. They also have the unique advantage of making physical contact on their journey between your mouth and the stomach.

The Cultured Coconut is safe to take daily and on a long-term basis. For further information on traditionally-fermented kefir, a scientific article entitled ‘The Microbiota and Health Promoting Characteristics of the Fermented Beverage Kefir’ can be found here.