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Make Sure you Always Have Access to your Medical Cannabis with Cannalogue


Written by: CDHF

Updated: November 30th, 2022

Make Sure you Always Have Access to your Medical Cannabis with Cannalogue:

With medical cannabis demonstrating immense therapeutic value, there is a need for an empathetic, patient-centric framework to level the playing field. Cannalogue is a solution that CDHF believes in. For many patients, medical cannabis is an effective treatment option. Not all strains reap the same benefits for all patients, so it’s important for patients to have access to multiple LP’s at the drop of a hat, should one of them run out of the strain that they need. With Cannalogue, you no longer need to worry about having your prescription transferred from one licensed producer to another. You will have access to a full spectrum of products right at your fingertips.

What is Cannalogue? 

Cannalogue is an online marketplace for medical cannabis that was built by doctors and made for patients. Since the outcomes of different medical cannabis products vary from patient to patient, Cannalogue offers the freedom to choose from as many products as possible to find the one that works best for you.

CDHF firmly believes in patient empowerment. With Cannalogue, patients are in control and are never restricted to a single Licensed Producer (LP).

For Patients from CDHF: 

Cannalogue offers a third-party telemedicine assessment with a healthcare practitioner completely free of charge through Oridon Medical for patients from CDHF. This is a super convenient option, especially for patients who do not have access to a physician. 


Getting Started with Cannalogue:

There are TWO ways you can get started with Cannalogue:                   

Option 1: 

If patients have clicked on the unique CDHF Cannalogue link here, they will be taken to the registration page and the referral is tracked.

Option 2: 

If the patient is coming to Cannalogue without going through CDHF referral channels, then the patient will be prompted to enter in a referral code gumtobum during initial registration with Cannalogue.

After you have registered: 

Option 1: Download and print the Cannalogue Medical Document and provide it to your Healthcare Provider to complete. Cannalogue’s Client Care Team will take care of the rest!

Option 2: Book a free online assessment through      

Book Now


Patients will be notified via email when they are approved and they can begin ordering products at

Register Now

Addressing Common Patient Questions:

Is Medical Cannabis Right for Me? 

Medical cannabis has been proven to be an effective treatment for hundreds of thousands of Canadian patients.

It has the potential to help manage a variety of health ailments such as:

Please speak with your Healthcare Provider to see how medical cannabis can work for you.

How do I get medical cannabis?

The only legal way to obtain medical cannabis is online through a Health Canada authorized licence holder such as Cannalogue with an approved medical document.

Patients should be advised to follow the recommendations of their Healthcare Provider.

How do I consume medical cannabis? 

Currently there are several options available for medical cannabis:

Speak to your HCP about which option is best for you.

Can I obtain medical cannabis from pharmacy?

No. The only legal way to obtain medical cannabis is through an online order from a Health Canada authorized license holder such as Cannalogue.  It is illegal for a pharmacy to dispense medical cannabis through a storefront.

Where can I get accessories for consuming medical cannabis?

Cannalogue has a variety of accessories available for purchase to assist with the safe and effective consumption of medical cannabis.

Does my insurance cover medical cannabis?

Many insurance providers have started to offer group benefit plans that cover medical cannabis. Coverage may be available for the following conditions:

  1. Cancer with severe pain
  2. Chemotherapy induced nausea vomiting
  3. Multiple Sclerosis with neuropathic pain
  4. Multiple Sclerosis with spasticity
  5. Rheumatoid Arthritis with pain
  6. HIV/AIDS with anorexia
  7. HIV/AIDs with neuropathic pain
  8. Palliative care

Some insurance providers that do not list medical cannabis as a specific treatment option may cover medical cannabis under a Healthcare Spending Account (HSA) and Cannalogue is an approved provider. Check with your insurance provider for exact details on possible coverage.

Do I have to stick with only one Licensed Producer (LP)?

Traditionally, medical cannabis patients had to register with a single LP and required a new medical document in order to purchase products from a different producer. With Cannalogue you have access to a wide variety of producers and LPs with a single medical document.

Educational Resources  

Read and learn more about medical cannabis at: 


If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call our Cannalogue Client Care Team.

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