CDHF Talks: Stool Tests for GI Disorders


Written by: CDHF

Updated: November 29th, 2022

CDHF Talks: Stool Tests for GI Disorders. There are numerous stool tests that doctors use in the assessment and diagnosis of digestive conditions. They are used to assess things like infection, inflammation, for screening purposes (i.e colorectal cancer) and absorption/nutrition status.

In this CDHFTalks with Dr. Karen Kroeker, she will be answering all your questions on the following three stool tests for GI Disorders:

Watch the full version or skip to each section to find the answers you are looking for.

Full Version:

Part 1: What are Stool Tests?

Part 2: Fecal Calprotectin Test (FCP) for Intestinal Inflammation, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Part 3: Fecal Elastase-1 Test of Pancreatic Function

Part 4: Helicobacter pylori Stool Antigen Test

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