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Gluten-Free Baking Recipes

Jamie Wlodarczak

Written by: Jamie Wlodarczak

Updated: November 30th, 2022

Disclaimer: “gluten-free baking recipes” was submitted by Jamie Wlodarczak, a patient with Celiac Disease and IBS. The opinions stated in this article should not replace the advice of your healthcare professional. May 25 2021. 

Those with celiac disease must follow a gluten-free diet to treat the disease, which can make cooking (and especially baking) considerably more complicated. I love to bake! It is my creative outlet, and I love making and eating delicious baked goods and desserts. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease, more than 12 years ago, I stopped baking. What had previously brought me joy was now stressful. Gluten-free baking recipes were hard to find. Figuring out the right mix of flours felt difficult and anything I did try seems to just fall apart in my hands.

Nowadays, there are countless gluten-free baking recipes, blogs and cookbooks available. The number and availability of gluten-free flour blends has grown exponentially. Once again, I have found my love for baking.  Below I have three gluten-free baking recipes, as well as a few tricks that I have learned along the way to get you started and eating some of your favourite baked goods again!

Banana Oat Cake

Banana oat cake

The first of the three gluten-free baking recipes is banana oat cake. This cake is super easy and a great afternoon snack. The addition of bananas and oats help make up for the lack of gluten. You can use any gluten-free flour blend in this recipe and it will tend to work. Just make sure you use gluten-free oats because regular oats have a high chance of contamination with wheat during processing and transport. Quaker now makes gluten-free oats which are available in most grocery stores.



Mixed Berry Pie

Pie was one of the last categories of baked goods that I learned to make gluten-free. After much trial and error (with emphasis on errors) I have found a formula that works.

First, I found an excellent gluten-free flour blend. Cup4Cup’s Gluten-Free Multipurpose Flour is amazing for any recipe when you need to manipulate a dough in some way i.e., when you need to roll or shape a dough for things like sugar cookies, pizza crust or pie. It truly is a 1:1 replacement for regular all-purpose flour in any recipe.

I also found a great recipe, which I have adapted slightly by using the Cup4Cup flour blend.  The original recipe came from Jeffrey Larsen’s book “Gluten-Free Baking at Home” and uses 4 different type of flours, but works great with the flour blend.





Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies

These sugar cookies are great. They are adapted from a recipe on the blog noshtastic. You can make them your own by adding different flavourings and spices. In the spring I add cardamom, and in the fall I use a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and allspice. This version is perfect for Christmas time. The options are endless! These cookies are great on their own, but are also wonderful to decorate with royal icing to celebrate any holiday! This is my final of the gluten-free baking recipes to share, for now! 




Larsen, Jeffrey. (n.d.). Gluten-Free Baking at Home. Ten Speed Press.

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