Lentil cookie recipe

Lentil Cookie Recipe


Written by: CDHF

Updated: April 12th, 2023

We Love Lentils

Why do we love lentils so much? Let us count the ways! High in protein, dietary fibre, minerals, and B vitamins, lentils are not only famous for their health benefits, but also for their colour and versatility in so many flavourful dishes. Naturally gluten free and low on the glycemic index scale, these little low fat wonders are a great plant based protein choice that will keep you full between meals! 

Budget Friendly Protein

Lentils offer a plant-based protein source that is healthy for you and for your wallet. One cup of cooked lentils packs just over 18 grams of protein! Canned and dried lentils are both very budget friendly. Dried lentils are more cost effective and less bulky to store; however, they do take extra time to prepare because they need to be cooked.

The most common way to cook dried lentils is on the stove. In a large pot, combine 1 cup of dried lentils and 3 cups of water or vegetable stock. Bring to a boil, cover, and reduce heat to a simmer until tender. Whole lentils usually take about 15 to 20 minutes. As the lentils cook they at least double in size. Make sure your pot is large enough for the lentils to expand.


Lentils are also a great source of fibre, which helps you feel fuller longer after a meal. One cup provides 9 grams of total dietary fibre. Canadian women need 25 grams of fibre per day and men need 38 grams of fibre per day. So one cup of lentils provides over one third of your daily recommended intake! Learn more about the importance of getting the right amount of fibre here.

Heart Healthy

Lentils are not only heart healthy because they’re low in saturated fat and cholesterol free, but the dried variety are also low in sodium. Canned lentils have salt added to them (as part of the canning process) – you should drain and rinse them well before eating to cut down the sodium content.

Less Greenhouse Gas

Did you know lentils can produce their own nitrogen fertilizer from the air? This allows lentil producers to reduce the amount of fertilizer needed to grow a crop. Therefore, lentil production uses less energy and ultimately less greenhouse gas is released into the environment. Celebrate pulses by tweeting along with us or sharing a photo of your favourite dish featuring pulses on Instagram using the hashtag #LovePulses.

Let’s get Baking… Try these Lentil Chocolate Chip Cookies! 

Serving Size: 85 grams – Makes 24 Cookies

What you’ll need:




For 24 servings:

Pre-heat: Standard Oven to (350°F/180°C) or Convection Oven to (300°F/150°C)

1. In a small sauce pan, add the following:

2. Bring to a boil.

3. In a large bowl, add the following:

4. Mix until well blended. Set aside.

5. In the bowl of a stand mixer, add the following:

6. Mix until light and fluffy.

7. To wet ingredients in stand mixer, add the following:

8. Mix until well blended.

9. To wet ingredients in stand mixer, add the following:

10. Mix until well blended.

11. Using a #12 scoop, portion prepared batter (95 g each) onto parchment-lined sheet pan(s), spacing 2″ apart.

12. Place in a serving container.

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