Programme d’équité dans les soins nutritionnels


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Mis à jour : November 16th, 2023

Only 10 spots available!

In collaboration with University of Calgary, and Pfizer Canada, CDHF’s Equity in Nutrition Care Program (ENCP) will be offering FREE online dietitian consultations for individuals to access specialized dietary and nutritional recommendations for their condition. We believe health equity is achieved when everyone can attain their full potential for health and well-being.

What is the ENCP Program?

It’s a game-changer in remote healthcare, brought to you by LyfeMD and CDHF (Canadian Digestive Health Foundation) and proudly sponsored by Pfizer and Janssen. This innovative program delivers expert Registered Dietitian consultations to those in remote areas, making specialized nutritional care accessible to all, especially where such services were previously out of reach.

 To date, the ENCP Program has proudly facilitated:

Our approach is rooted in providing:

Hear it from our participants:

With a Net Promoter Score of 77, the success of the ENCP Program shines through our clients’ improved dietary adequacy and newfound dietary confidence.

Am I eligible?

This program is for you if you are not able to access a dietitian because:

Does this cost money?

We are able to offer this program for a limited time at no cost due to the generosity of Pfizer Canada, Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF) and the University of Calgary.

What information will you collect and what will you do with it?

We are collecting your personal information to provide evidence to our sponsors this is an important and needed program. We do not ask for any financial information. Any information you provide will only be shared as part of a group. That means you will never be identified in any information that is shared. If you would like us to share your personal information with your doctor we will ask for your consent, and if you consent we will send a summary of the dietitian visit.

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